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Fire & Vine's New World Dining Club

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We realize that our Guests have options, and lots of them.  We work very hard every day to create loyal Guests out of each person that walks through our doors.  As our way to show you our appreciation for your commitment to Fire & Vine, we have created the New World Dining Club.   

Members currently enjoy the following benefits:  

·         New World Dining Club Membership Card

·         1 point awarded per dollar spent at Fire & Vine

·         Reward certificate mailed to you when you reach 800 points

·         Double Points awarded during regular lunch hours

·         Buy One Get One offered to members on Mondays during lunch and dinner (maximum value $20)

Please see full TERMS & CONDITIONS below for more information.



The New World Dining Club is for our valued Guests who are 18 years of age or older and legally residing in the United States.  Unfortunately, points cannot be applied to business accounts.   New World Dining Club Members earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Fire & Vine (excluding gift card purchases, tax and gratuity.)  Points are award after any other discounts have been made to the final bill.  Some restrictions may apply. Members must present their Membership card at time of purchase to receive points.  Points will only be awarded to that Member that pays the bill.  To receive points for catered orders, the Guest must be an active New World Dining Club Member prior to booking the party/order.  The Member must present their card at time of payment.  Members can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for a party or catered order.  Points can only be credited to the Member who pays the bill.   

Fire & Vine reserves the right to terminate or change the New World Dining Club at any time without advance notice.  All federal and state tax liabilities for earned rewards are the Member’s responsibility.  Accounts may be audited and possibly terminated if any point balance is inappropriately achieved.





Q:  When will I receive my membership card?

A:  Immediately!  We hand you your card and you take it home and register it online.  It takes just a few minutes of your time! 

Q:  How soon can I start earning points?

A:  Immediately!  The day you sign up, you can start earning points towards your rewards. 

Q:  If I purchase a gift certificate, can I apply those points towards my account?

A:  We’re always thrilled when our Guests think of us for their gift card needs.  We will however, only apply points for food or beverage purchases.  We will throw in a FREE New World Dining Club Membership for your Guests when you purchase a gift card from us. 

Q:  How many people in my family can join the New World Dining Club?

A:  One (1) New World Dining Club membership is valid per household. 

Q:  I forgot to bring my New World Dining Club card for my visit, what do I do?

A:  When you do carry your card with you, we can award your points to your account immediately.  In the event that you do forget your card, we can look up your account number at the restaurant which makes it possible to capture your points for your visit.  Just inform your waiter and they will be able to apply your points to your guest check for that visit. 

Q:  If another diner pays the dining check, can I still receive the points on my Member Account?

A:  We always enjoy seeing our Members whether they are picking up the tab or not.  However, points can only be awarded to the person paying the dining check.  Guest points can always be applied to your portion of any split check. 

Q:  When I book a private party at Fire & Vine or have an event catered, can I still use my Membership card?

A:  Of course!  As long as you're a Member when you book the party or place the order for the event, you can use those purchases to earn points on your account.    

Q:  Can I use my Free Entree Coupon with another promotion?

A:   Several nights during the week, we run exciting promotions.  Unfortunately, we do ask that you choose one promotion to participate in during each visit. 

Q:  If I sign up today can I take part in any current promotions?

A:  Once you sign up for your Membership and register your card - you'll be good to go! 

Q:  Will my Membership information be shared with other companies?

A:  No.  Your privacy is something that is very important to us and will be kept confidential. 

Q:  If my friends eat with us, can they participate in the current Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion?

A:  We love it when you bring your friends in to dine with us, however they will only be able to participate in our current Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion if they themselves are loyalty club members as well. 

Q:  How many Buy 1 Get 1 Free deals can I get in one visit?

A:  1 free entree per visit, per loyalty card. 

Q:  If its just me dining on a day in which the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" is being offered, can I buy an entree and take one home with me?

A:  The free entrees are available for dining in Guests only. 

Q:  When I signed up for the loyalty club, you had certain promotions available to me, now you are offering something different.  What gives?

A:  We like to offer our New World Dining Club Members fresh and different promotions throughout the year.  We may have some promotions that we think are better suited for winter months rather than summer months or vice versa.  We do reserve the right to terminate or change the program at any time without advance notice.  We will however, keep in touch with you via email throughout the year to let you know which promotions we are running at that particular time. 

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